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  • Review by LEUCOTHEA GREEN (date: 19-Oct-2012)

    18/10/2012 I had the pleasure of staying at Mrs Anna's Studios 2 weeks ago when I visited Makris Yialos. I only stayed there for 2 nights, but wished I could have stayed longer. I hope to return again with my husband next year. The Studioa are wonderfully equipped with all mod cons, clean and comfortable. The views are breath taking, of the clear bleu waters of the Libian coast. Sitting on the balcony sipping coffee, and hearing the sea's hypnotising sounds 10 metres away from you is what you see only in films. Not forgetting the warm welcome you receive from Josepf and Anna. I will never forget the lovely meal that was cooked by Josepf, and brought to my door. What a lovely surprise that was. I was even invited to a BBQ, but I would have gone by then. I was sorry to have missed it. This couple love people, and treat them as their friends. Well worth visiting this town, and these Studios. A wonderful experience indeed. Thanks folk for the delicious meal,grapes, and the chat!!! Have a good winter, be healthy and happy Loved it with you When in Ierapetra, for my last night I wished I had stayed with you 1 more night!!!! Kind regards to you, and the kids Love Koula Green PS I will not get lost next time I visit you!!!!

    my stay with you

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    Την ονομασία τους την έχουν πάρει απο μια μικρή πόλη της Βαυαρίας. Χτισμένα σε απόσταση 30 μ. απο τη θαλασσα σε μια απο τις μεγαλύτερες παραλίες της Ελλαδος.
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    Στην γύρω περιοχή υπάρχουν πολλες ταβέρνες και beach bars. Σε πολύ κοντινή απόσταση βρίσκονται η Ασπροβάλτα ο Σταυρός Τα Νεα Βρασνά η Ολυμπιάδα, όπως επίσης καί το Αγιο Όρος.